Of late software usage in the financial sector has seen a steady growth. Many organizations are increasing dependent on the financial software to manage their bookkeeping and accounting functions. This calls for an expert accounting firm that has knowledge on the various accounting software to manage your books. We at BKO2I have extensive knowledge on the functioning of major accounting software available. In addition to the standard financial software, our team has the capability to work on customized software that best suits your business needs. Our team undergoes periodic training to understand the new software and to upgrade their skills. So far we have worked on all the major accounting and have been successfully able to deliver it.



Quicken Deluxe 2010



Features of Quicken Deluxe 2010 includes:

Gives you money management and budgeting tools to help you watch your spending and increase your savings.


  • Shows where you’re spending and helps you see where to save
  • Brings your accounts together all in one place and helps you set budgeting and savings goals
  • Helps you stay on top of bills and avoid late fees with alerts on upcoming payments


Quicken Premier 2010

Has all of the features of Quicken Deluxe — plus investment management tools to help track your portfolio performance and help maximize your investments.



Features of Quicken Premier 2010 includes:


Organizes your personal finances – and makes portfolio management easier – by bringing your accounts together in one place.

  • Helps you choose the right investments to reach your goals
  • Identifies ways to minimize taxes on your investments


Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010


Manage your personal, business, and rental property finances in one place

Features of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010:


  • Makes it easy to organize and manage your personal and rental property finances – all in one place
  • Identifies tax-deductible rental property expenses
  • Tracks income and expenses by property
  • Lets you know which rents have been paid – and who owes you money.



Quicken Essentials for Mac



Features of Quicken Essentials for Mac includes:


  • View your accounts all in one place. Our completely remained interface makes it easier than ever to see where you can save more and spend less.
  • Save time and money. Quicken automatically categorizes transactions so you can see where your money’s going and pay down debt.
  • Avoid pesky overdraft and late fees. See your current balance, including upcoming bills and paychecks so you always know where you stand



The benefits of going for an accounting or bookkeeping software


  • Faster processing of transactions
  • Report generations made easier

  • Error free transaction processing

  • Summary and analysis

  • Less time consuming

  • Performs a wide variety of tasks with ease





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