ACH Payment Transaction Processing


Outsourced Bookkeeping servicesACH is a fast, safe and effective method to accept payment on your website, or by phone, fax, or mail. ACH payment processing electronically transfers money from your customers’ checking or savings account directly to your company’s bank account. Without ACH payment processing, businesses are burdened by unnecessary expense. Processing payments manually is time-consuming and labor intensive. We at BKO2I effectively process your payments and make your job easier. Outsourcing ACH payment processing gives you a clear picture into your financials and helps you keep track of all your payments. Our ACH payment processing services are very cost effective and can save your cost and time.


Benefits of ACH Payment Processing


  • Improves the efficiency of accounts receivables collection
  • Increases cash flow and simplifies cash management
  • Reduces operating expenses by eliminating manual operations Increases productivity and lowers administrative costs
  • Makes your account reconciliation process simpler
  • Boost sales 8 – 15% when offered as a payment option on internet sites
  • Decreases costly bank fees
  • Reduces payment processing costs and saves you money



What are the benefits of outsourcing ACH payment processing services to us


  • Outsourcing ACH services helps you to keep track of all your payment
  • Helps you to cut cost up to 60 per cent
  • No need to buy expensive software to do the job
  • No need to train your staff on the job
  • Regular reports on the status of the work


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