Fixed Asset Control/Debtors Control


Fixed Asset Control/Debtors ControlMaintenance of depreciation schedules and fixed asset registers of a business is a time consuming process and often smaller assets can be missed or simply ignored because of the cost and complexity of maintaining an accurate record. Outsourcing your fixed assets services to an expert service provider like us can allow this process to be improved. This aspect of any business will become more and more important during the financial crisis facing the world today.


Debtors Control


Debtor control can have many aspects to address and we can assist you with many of these, including


  • Daily, weekly, monthly recording and reconciliations of debtors
  • Production of invoices and statements
  • Recording and reconciliation of payments on a timely basis to reduce statements being issued after payment is made
  • Issuing of letters of demand and final notices
  • Preparation of cash flow and debtor reports
  • Collection details and debtor collection analysis


Benefits of outsourcing fixed assets control and debtor control


  • By outsourcing your back end accounting activities, you get more time to focus on your core business activities
  • Minimize your operational cost, reduce it up to 60 percent
  • Get access to highly skilled and experienced bookkeepers and accountants
  • Get a dedicated project manager to handle your complete back office requirement
  • 24/7 support to bridge the communication gap



























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