Offline Bookkeeping Services



Profit and Loss StatementOffline bookkeeping is one of the crucial aspects of bookkeeping services. if you are a small business and doesn't require an online bookkeeping services then it is ideal to go with offline bookkeeping services. At BKO2I we offer cost effective offline bookkeeping services to small business. Outsourcing offline bookkeeping services has proved to be the most cost effective way of getting your bookkeeping done. Our team of offline bookkeepers can handle high volume offline bookkeeping projects. With over five years of experience in the field of outsourced offline bookkeeping, we have the expertise to perform complete bookkeeping task to your satisfaction.


We offer offline bookkeeping services to the following industry


  • Retail business

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Accounting firms

  • Telecom industry

  • Hospitability industry

  • Real estate business


We offer offline bookkeeping services to the following industry

  • Cost benefit is one of the most important benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services. It can reduce your operational cost up to 60 per cent

  • Outsourced bookkeepers are available to you as per your convenience. It gives you an option to choose your bookkeeper. You can either go for a full time bookkeeper or a part time bookkeeper

  • Hiring a offline bookkeeper locally can cost you thrice the price of outsourced bookkeeper

  • Access to professional offline bookkeepers

  • Dedicated project manager to manage your offline bookkeepers

  • Regular updates and reporting on the status of your work
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