Virtual Bookkeeper


Outsourced Bookkeeping servicesBookkeeping is a day-to-day task for many organizations. While it is an ongoing process for larger organizations, it is not necessarily an ongoing process for smaller organizations as the volume of work is low. At such times smaller organizations may not be able to afford a full time bookkeeper working in- house. The only way through which you can still afford the services of a professional bookkeeper is by hiring the services of a virtual bookkeeper. A virtual bookkeeper is someone who works for you from his premises. He does the same job as your in-house bookkeeper but in a much more effective way. At BKO2I we offer cost effective virtual bookkeeping services without sacrificing the quality of service. We have been offering virtual bookkeeping services to clients across the globe including the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Our highly qualified virtual bookkeepers perform the task to your complete satisfaction at quick turn around time. So outsource your virtual bookkeeping services to us and get benefited.


We offer the following virtual bookkeeper models





The benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper are


  • Save on hiring and training cost
  • Save on operational cost
  • Salaries of a virtual bookkeeper are much lower than that of an in-house bookkeeper
  • Get instant updates on your bookkeeping
  • No need to provide any employee benefits
  • Flexible virtual bookkeeper pricing model



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